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Decoupage Paper


When I first started decoupage, I found helpful site after helpful site that kept saying these two words – decoupage paper.  Because of this, when I first got going I went to great lengths to purchase paper that was specifically designed for decoupage and the cost actually became quite decoupage-paper-3high.

Thankfully, after I had gained some experience in decoupage, I found out that traditionally, decoupage was done with a wide range of papers and there really is no reason why that trend can’t continue.

But if you aren’t sure what type of paper to use, here is a few of my favorite papers to use when I do decoupage.

Magazine Papers

There are so many beautiful ads in the magazines that you can really play around with the colors and themes that you are making for your project.  Magazine paper is usually a heavier quality paper that is easy to work with and you can make an interesting collage decoupage with it.

Print Papersdecoupage-paper-2

Newspapers, old books or any type of paper that has print on it can be used for decoupage and it can create a wonderful looking piece.  Take the pages of a favorite book, a black and white map page or even some newspaper articles and apply them to your piece. The one thing that is nice about print paper is that it comes in different thickness so you can really play around with the layers of your paper.  In addition, most print paper is in black and white so it makes for a very vintage feel for your decoupage projects.

Tissue Paper

Most people do not think of tissue paper as a decoupage paper as it is so thin but it is a really nice paper to work with.  The main reason for this is because you can crinkle it and use it to build up detailing in your decoupage.  decoupage-paper-1Another reason is because you can make layers nearly transparent and this gives a unique look to your decoupage.


Another type of paper that is excellent for decoupage is wallpaper. This is a thicker paper so expect a thick finish to your project but it is a very easy paper to work with.  Wallpaper has so many designs that you don’t have to make any collage for an interesting finish.  In fact, one strip of wallpaper can leave your decoupage looking perfect and all you need to do is varnish it for the finishing touches.  If you are looking for a fast paper to work with, choose a nice wallpaper.

Decoupage Paper

Yes, I already mentioned that you don’t have to purchase decoupage paper, but I did want to mention it.  There are a lot of benefits to decoupage paper and one of those is the themed patterns that they have.  It is very easy to find a theme that you like and it makes doing a project easier as you don’t have to hunt down and cut out the sections that you want.

In the end, you can use any type of paper that you would like.  If you are interested in learning more about different papers you can use, read the Ultimate Guide to Decoupage.


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