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What is Mod Podge


what-is-mod-podge-3One thing that I am often asked is what is mod podge exactly. While the answer can be complex if you think of all the crafts that you can do with mod podge, it is actually very simple.

Type of Glue

Mod podge is actually a type of glue that you can purchase.  It is very durable and is used for a variety of reasons.  Two of the most common uses for mod podge is when you are creating a collage or when you are doing decoupage.  That being said, it can be used for any craft where you need to glue things down.

What makes Mod Podge such a unique and sought after glue is that it is multifunctional.  One application not only glues your project together but the glue will also seal the project. In addition, Mod Podge will add a layer of finish to the project.

Mod Podge can be used for home decor projects, screen printing and even for paper mache so this makes it a very versatile glue to use.

Like most glues, Mod Podge can be used in the traditional sense.  It can be applied to the bottom of your paper and adhered to a surface, whether it is another piece of paper or a piece of furniture.  However, Mod Podge can also be used in other manners such as as a sealant.  You can lay your paper down on a surface and brush the Mod what-is-mod-podge-1Podge over the artwork for a nice finish.

And while we are talking about finishes, you should know that Mod Podge can actually be purchased in a number of varieties.  Varieties are:


This finish will give your project a shiny appearance and it is perfect for the table tops as glossy tends to be a bit easier to clean and more durable.


Matte has no shine to it but this is a perfect finish if you want the project sealed without losing some of the detail to shine.


Satin is a nice in between finish that is not too shiny.  It is not flat either like the matte finish.

When it comes to finishes, there really is no finish that is better than the other.  It all comes down to what you like in a finish and what your project calls for.



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